There has been much research and much has been proven about the responses humans have had, to pet therapy as an alternative or supplementary treatment to help reduce stress, treating many emotional and medical treatments. Animals like dogs, cats and many others types of social animals have been used for such therapies. Similarly, there is an aquarium therapy with it’s many benefits :-

Fishes can be a wonderful companion. They are not only interactive but they respond to you when you sit in front of the tank or when you come to feed them. They are also responsive to sounds. Fishes like Discuss are known for such behaviours. Its true that you can’t hold them in your lap like your dog but the maintenance , care and expense that a fish requires is the most nominal compared to any kind other pet. Most kids want a pet of their own but it is the parents who have to take care of them. Where dogs and cats need special care like training , regular vet visits, home cleaning, taking them out for walks, on the other hand these beautiful water habitants need very little maintenance which even a child can learn.

(2) Aquarium Therapy

To me, personally, this is the best advantage that one can derive by keeping a fish aquarium. In today’s fast paced life, wherein people spend thousands on recreation and stress management, this thing should positively be on their list. Nothing can get simpler than this……….

Studies going back as far as the late 80’s have shown that gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently helps maintain blood pressure levels. Research has found that, having some sort of aquarium reduces blood pressure. Watching fishes helps one to relax and keep the mind free. It is especially helpful for people working for long hours on the computer. "Encourage people to gather around aquariums to de-stress" says Marlene Brown, founder of Techno Touch Marketing and Marmel consulting in clermmills, New York. Even watching a documentary on fish has been proven having therapeutic effects.

Children suffering from Hyperactivity have responded positively after watching fish in aquarium by calming down. Some studies show that dental patients feel less painful after gazing at an aquarium and hence nowadays you will see aquariums at dental clinics and waiting rooms. Just experiment and see for yourself that if ever you are sitting impatiently and anxiously in a doctors' overcrowded clinic or a hospital emergency room waiting area and if it has  an aquarium, you will noticeably feel less agitated and anxious.

A well illuminated aquarium always adds to the beauty of your home, office, clinic or hospital. It’s always a focal point for your visitors or customers, specially if kept in your waiting rooms or counsellor’s room. It helps your home look better and brighter. No one else will have a room like yours because an aquarium brings life in your room / office which adds vibrancy to the area where you place it.

(4) Kids Educational

Kids can really benefit from aquarium if you get them involved too. They learn lot of things like responsibility of a pet care, timely feeding the fish, habitats of fish and other aquatic life. They will also improve their observation skills as they watch fishes displaying lot of responsive behaviours. This also results in alertness among kids and enhances their grasping power. Moreover, if you involve your children in this hobby, it will save their time and energy in other unwanted things.

(5) Bringing a part of Nature in your Home / Office

It is becoming a big challenge for many to take time off from their hectic life style. Coming close to nature and watching nature closely, like in a fish aquarium, gives one a feeling of tranquillity. Water and fishes have a unique ability to calm the mind and give immense joy. However small an aquarium may be, you have the chance to watch fishes closely which is difficult in a pond or other resource. It vibrates the entire environment.

(6) Economical – Low maintenance and low cost
Fish keeping, specially tropical and cold water fish aquariums are very economical. Initial start up kit can be as low as Rs 400/- . Even fish food is not expensive and it doesn’t put any financial strain on the buyer. If you compare the expenses of having any other pet, it’s definitely very nominal.

(7)  Convenience

Fish keeping is very convenient. Fish doesn’t make noise like other pets. They can also be kept alone if you are going out for few days. You will just need to request your neighbours to feed them once or with many gadgets that are available even that can be overcome.

(8) Fish VS Other Pets

It is really good for the parents to convince their kid who desires for a puppy to settle for a fish which will save lot of time of the parents as , ultimately, they end up taking care of pets and buying a fish saves their time which they would have spend on taking cats or dogs out on walk. Moreover, fish maintenance is a simple task which you can easily do if you can spare 10 mins of your time daily.  You don’t have to run after fish to feed or take them out for cleaning. Neither will you hear any dog barking or cat meowing causing disturbance for you or your neighbours. Also no pet hair and your kid will have a good time talking to them or counting them or drawing their images without any health or risk to him/ her. Fish can stay alone and you don’t need to do any special provisions for them before leaving for your yearly holidays. A fish will never spoil your carpets neither will you have to spend heavy amount on its training and medicines. In comparison to other pets, its initial and recurring costs are very low which anyone can easily afford. Hence for the parents who are stuck between your child’s desire for a pet and your desire of keeping your home clean and at the same time not creating a hole in your pocket, we would strongly recommend you this hobby.

DISCLAIMER :- This information is intended as an overview into the said subject and should not be viewed as scientific fact. It is provided in good faith. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for any products used.